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Production Overview
  • 01
    Solar cells Screening

    By simulating the solar spectral light source, to measured the solar cells’ parameters, and then classified according to the result. Effectively reduce the defects cells and guarantee the performance of solar panels.

  • 02
    Solar cells welding

    Using the automatic welding machines to connect solar cells in series. Increase the production compared with human hand soldering. Avoiding the poor welding and the cracks on solar cells.

  • 03
    Solar panel Laminating

    Full automatic laminating machine can realize the processing of incoming and outgoing at the same time. It improves the efficiency and production capacity a lot.

  • 04
    EL and Flash Testing

    Before laminating and after laminating, double tested by the machine, to inspect the appearance, cracks, soldering, color differences. And the power, voltage, current, and another result to guarantee the actual specification, ensure the 0-+5W positive power tolerance.

Manufacturing Process


The latest assembled workshop over 15,000 SQMS, and 150 workers, automatic production machines can achieve the production capacity 600Mega watt solar panels per year.


Production equipment

Full automatic machines in whole production processes, the professional Third-Party institution test and rectify each machine and then issue the related report & certification every year.

Quality Inspection
  • Visual Inspection

  • EL Internal Inspection

  • Electrical Performance Inspection