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Lightweight Mono Portable Solar Panel

The product you are viewing is the high quality portable solar panel, Is Foldable, Portable, High efficiency, Silent, Splash-proof and Stylish. This is mainly used for converting the solar energy into DC electricity, For using in the camping, Or hiking etc. Under sunlight, Directly charging 5-18V battery products and smartphones, Tablets, Power banks, PSP, MP4.....Or other 5V and QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices. It's the perfect companion for all outdoor activities.

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Product Description
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    Monocrystalline Solar Cell

    Cell Efficiency >22%, High efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells Can generate more electricity for your projects in same area.

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    Using Polymer Material

    Has stronger impact resistance, Lighter weight, Good crack resistance and extended solar cells life.

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    Junction Box

    IP65 junction box with in-built diodes
    (Alternative: Junction box with USB port.)

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    Waterproof and Durable

    The back of the solar panel is made of durable 900D Nylon, High temperature resistant, Waterproof easy to clean.

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    Adjustable Kickstand Design

    This will get 25-30% more sunlight than lying flat.

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    30% Weight Reduction

    Thin & Light design easy carrying, Ldeal for outdoor activities.

Product Specifications
Folding Number2pcs2pcs4pcs4pcs4pcs4pcs
Cell Efficiency>22%>22%>22%>22%>22%>22%
Max Power Voltage20V20V20V20V / 39V20V / 39V39V
Max Power Current3.75A5A7.5A10A / 5.13A15A / 7.69A10.26A
Open Circuit Voltage24V24V24V24V / 46.8V24V / 46.8V46.8V
Short Circuit Current4.13A5.5A8.25A11A / 5.64A16.5A / 8.46A11.29A
Fabric900D Nylon900D Nylon900D Nylon900D Nylon900D Nylon900D Nylon
Number of Cells121824364872
Cell Dimension166*166mm166*166mm166*166mm166*166mm166*166mm166*166mm
Expand Size915*550*10mm1265*560*10mm1690*550*10mm2370*560*10mm2355*720*10mm3030*800*10mm
Folded Size550*450*25mm560*630*25mm550*450*35mm560*630*35mm720*630*35mm800*795*35mm
Max Power Tolerance+(0~5W)
Cable1-3.0Meter with Andersson connectors