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Foldable Solar Blanket

Portable Foldable Solar Panel, high conversion efficiency, up to 24%, With excellent 95% transparency, the performs better than similarly-rated polycrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions,and much higher than the market's average.Made with advanced laminated technology and long-lasting PET material on the surface, making it more durable and scratch-resistant. foldable & portable, MC4 connector compatible with most Solar Generators.

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Product Description
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    Sunpower Solar Cell

    Cell Efficiency 24%, the solar panel adopts multi-layered cell technology to generate energy from the sunlight and perform better with.

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    PET Surface

    Solar Cell the surface is made of PET, High Conversion Efficiency Durable, which can resist the harsh environment encountered in outdoor activities.  

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    MC4 connector

    MC4 connector Temperature resistant Waterproof, compatible with most Solar Generators.

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    Waterproof and Durable

    The PET-laminated case is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel, High temperature resistant, Waterproof easy to clean.

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    Adjustable Kickstand Design

    This will get 25-30% more sunlight than lying flat.

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    Easy to carry

    Foldable easy to carry, simply unfold the solar panel,power up your device away from.

Product Specifications
Maximum Power/Pmax(Wp)65130220
Optimum Operating Voltage/Vmp(V)20.82119.2 / 38.4
Optimum Operating Current/Imp(A)3.136.1911.46 / 5.73
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc(V)24.9625.223.04 / 46.08
Short Circuit Current/Isc(A)3.446.8112.61 / 6.3
Cell Efficiency24%24%24%
Power Tolerance0 ~ +5W0 ~ +5W0 ~ +5W
Expand Size(mm)840*410*51280*525*52150*525*5
Folded Size(mm)280*410*20420*525*25540*525*25
Cable1.5m in length, length can be customized