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Tube Solar Panel For Street Light Pole

◆ High quality SunPower photovoltaic modules, Which deliver exceptional performance and yield. ◆ Suitable for street light, Monitoring and other outdoor electrical equipment power supply. ◆ Cells matched for electrical uniformity produce high power output and reliablity. ◆ Easy to install, Suitable for all extreme environments.

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Product Description
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    SunPower Solar Cell

    High-Efficiency PV cells with proprietary Maxeon tech, >24% conversion rates, Back-contact design for reliability, Robust construction

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    100W Daily Average Output

    The daily average power generation corresponding to effective sunshine time

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    100W Daily Total Peak Output

    The daily total peak energy generation corresponding to effective sunshine time

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    360° Sunlight Reception

    Cylindrical structure, 360° sunlight reception

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    Durable Glass Surface

    Durable glass surface allows mounting in portrait or landscape orientations

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    Excellent Weak Light Power

    High performance in low light conditions, Allowing the module to operate in mornings, Evenings and cloudy days

Product Specifications
Max-Power(Expand flat power)/Pmax50W60W100W100W
Max-Power(Vertical service power)/Pmax25W30W50W50W
Optimum Operating Voltage/Vmp12.5V16V22V25V
Optimum Operating Current/Imp2.08A1.88A4.54A4A
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc15V19.2V26.4V30V
Short Circuit Current/Isc2.29A2.07A4.99A4.4A
Cell Efficiency>24% >24% >24%>23%
Module Dimension650*170mm1030*130mm1030*170mm1030*170mm
Solar CellSunPower CellSunPower CellSunPower CellIBC Cell
ColourBlack & WhiteBlack & WhiteBlack & WhiteBlack & White
* STC: Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, AM 1.5
The power, length, diameter, cable, voltage can be customized